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Hi! I’m the site director at WomensHealthMag.com, the destination for trusted health, fitness, and lifestyle content for more than 15 million women each month.

In addition to overseeing the strategy for all of Women’s Health‘s digital platforms, I have experience breaking down nuanced fitness research, conducting celeb interviews, writing truly helpful service journalism, creating compelling video packages, and more.

I was previously at TIME, where I launched and oversaw Motto, the brand’s vertical for millennial women. I’ve also worked at Food Network Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing. I love baking, running, and hanging out with my tripod, Kiwi.



February 2016: Ina Garten: I Don’t Believe in Making Goals

February 2016: Women Had No Voice in More Than 60% of 2016’s Super Bowl Commercials

February 2016: So You’re Making Less Than a Man—Now What?


November 2015: Let’s All Start a Fitness Revolution by Making This Important Pledge

October 2014: The Problem with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

April 2014: Why We’ve Become So Obsessed with Judging Others’ Food Choices—and Our Own

April 2014: Is It Possible to Run Too Much?

January 2014: Jennifer Aniston: “I Started to Enjoy Life a Little Bit More”

Food Network Magazine

December 2012: Food Fight!

November 2012: A Taste of History

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April 2012: Chicken-Fried Fake

March 2012: United States of Chocolate

November 2011: Eat Your…Cookies?


January 2011: The New Male Grooming Obsession

December 2010: 75 Guy Truths (in 20 Words or Less)

October 2010: Do You Know the Real You?

March 2010: The #1 Lie Guys Tell Their Partner


February 2013: Divorce lawyers tell all

December 2012: Feel sexier—all day long

September 2012: Sex that’s delicious!

New York

July 2013: The Everything Guide to Block Parties

May 2013: Best Wine Bar

April 2013: Mandalay by Trishaw

March 2013: Best Jamaican Bar

March 2013: Best Friend Date

February 2013: The Next SoulCycle?

October 2012: The Multi-Agenda Family of Three

October 2012: The History-Loving, Bike-Riding Retirees

October 2012: The Metalhead Aesthetes


September 2013 (DASH): Parents’ Little Helpers: Our 7 Favorite Food Apps

June 2013: Best Summer Snacks


July/August 2012: The Summer Sex Games

November 2011: Be Her Sex Superhero

O, The Oprah Magazine

July 2013: Get Unstuck: The 4 Keys to Pulling Yourself Out of a Rut


November 2011: Five Crazy Ways to Run Faster


September 2012: Tastes like team spirit: College-themed grub for game day

USA Today

September 2007: Shy about public eating: A precursor to anorexia?

August 2007: Schools become virtual zoos

The News & Observer

February 2009: Poor Pluto: Everyone’s favorite dwarf planet

Completely You

August 2012: 8 Best Health Apps for Your Summer

July 2012: Summer Party Foods That Can Make You Sick

May 2012: Amp Up Your Workout Today!

May 2012: Pack the Perfect Lunch—Every Day!

April 2012: Spring-Cleaning Special: Allergy-Proof Your House

February 2012: How To Exercise Outside

January 2012: 4 New Workout Routines for All Fitness Levels


July 2013: Subtle Signs She’s Trying to Seduce You

February 2013: How to Have (Drama-Free) Sex With An Ex

March 2012: 4 Ways To Turn Her Down (Without Being a Jerk)

January 2012: How Chivalrous Should You Be?

December 2011: How to Tell If She’s Into You

September 2011: How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

March 2011: 5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is Cheating On You

Live Right Live Well

June 2011: Why You Need More Self-Compassion

The Style Glossy

June 2011: Your Hot-Weather Underwear Guide


For more information, Robin can be reached at rhilmantel+site@gmail.com.

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