About Me

I’m a freelance writer/editor/content creator who has experience breaking down nuanced fitness research, conducting celeb interviews, writing truly helpful service journalism, creating compelling video packages, and more.

I was previously at TIME, where I launched and oversaw Motto, the brand’s vertical for millennial women. I’ve also worked as deputy editor at WomensHealthMag.com (and at Food Network Magazine and Cosmopolitan before that).

I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing. I love baking, running, and volunteering with Girl Scout junior troop 4557 (let me know if you are searching for cookies!).



February 2016: Ina Garten: I Don’t Believe in Making Goals

February 2016: Women Had No Voice in More Than 60% of 2016’s Super Bowl Commercials

February 2016: So You’re Making Less Than a Man—Now What?


November 2015: Let’s All Start a Fitness Revolution by Making This Important Pledge

October 2014: The Problem with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

April 2014: Why We’ve Become So Obsessed with Judging Others’ Food Choices—and Our Own

April 2014: Is It Possible to Run Too Much?

January 2014: Jennifer Aniston: “I Started to Enjoy Life a Little Bit More”

Food Network Magazine

December 2012: Food Fight!

November 2012: A Taste of History

November 2012: Executive Orders

April 2012: Chicken-Fried Fake

March 2012: United States of Chocolate

November 2011: Eat Your…Cookies?


January 2011: The New Male Grooming Obsession

December 2010: 75 Guy Truths (in 20 Words or Less)

October 2010: Do You Know the Real You?

March 2010: The #1 Lie Guys Tell Their Partner


February 2013: Divorce lawyers tell all

December 2012: Feel sexier—all day long

September 2012: Sex that’s delicious!

New York

July 2013: The Everything Guide to Block Parties

May 2013: Best Wine Bar

April 2013: Mandalay by Trishaw

March 2013: Best Jamaican Bar

March 2013: Best Friend Date

February 2013: The Next SoulCycle?

October 2012: The Multi-Agenda Family of Three

October 2012: The History-Loving, Bike-Riding Retirees

October 2012: The Metalhead Aesthetes


September 2013 (DASH): Parents’ Little Helpers: Our 7 Favorite Food Apps

June 2013: Best Summer Snacks


July/August 2012: The Summer Sex Games

November 2011: Be Her Sex Superhero

O, The Oprah Magazine

July 2013: Get Unstuck: The 4 Keys to Pulling Yourself Out of a Rut


November 2011: Five Crazy Ways to Run Faster


September 2012: Tastes like team spirit: College-themed grub for game day

USA Today

September 2007: Shy about public eating: A precursor to anorexia?

August 2007: Schools become virtual zoos

The News & Observer

February 2009: Poor Pluto: Everyone’s favorite dwarf planet

Completely You

August 2012: 8 Best Health Apps for Your Summer

July 2012: Summer Party Foods That Can Make You Sick

May 2012: Amp Up Your Workout Today!

May 2012: Pack the Perfect Lunch—Every Day!

April 2012: Spring-Cleaning Special: Allergy-Proof Your House

February 2012: How To Exercise Outside

January 2012: 4 New Workout Routines for All Fitness Levels


July 2013: Subtle Signs She’s Trying to Seduce You

February 2013: How to Have (Drama-Free) Sex With An Ex

March 2012: 4 Ways To Turn Her Down (Without Being a Jerk)

January 2012: How Chivalrous Should You Be?

December 2011: How to Tell If She’s Into You

September 2011: How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

March 2011: 5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is Cheating On You

Live Right Live Well

June 2011: Why You Need More Self-Compassion

The Style Glossy

June 2011: Your Hot-Weather Underwear Guide


For more information, Robin can be reached at rhilmantel+site@gmail.com.

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