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Food Network Magazine

November 2011: Eat Your…Cookies?

November 2011: The Twilight Zone

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January 2011: The New Male Grooming Obsession

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October 2010: Do You Know the Real You?

March 2010: The #1 Lie Guys Tell Their Partner


July/August 2012: The Summer Sex Games

November 2011: Be Her Sex Superhero

USA Today

September 2007: Shy about public eating: A precursor to anorexia?

August 2007: Schools become virtual zoos

September 2011: How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

March 2011: 5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is Cheating On You

Live Right Live Well

June 2011: Why You Need More Self-Compassion

The Style Glossy

June 2011: Your Hot-Weather Underwear Guide